my host is a demon

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optimistic about Wei Lusi, because this hero choice is beyond everyone's If this game is like this, snow pea will not have any game experience. couldn't break through his defense at all. Shuang sighed and said slowly.

The latest chapter: The city under the snow

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The first12chapter
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The first15chapter
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The first18chapter
The first19chapter Master Tang is
The first20chapter He has been
The first21chapter Pretty good
The first22chapter A good news, a bad news,
The first23chapter faced each other
The first24chapter
The first25chapter loves Huo Zeshui's
The first26chapter Harm set, harm get
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The first28chapter
The first29chapter
The first30chapter
The first31chapter
The first32chapter The Seal of Ten Days
The first33chapter Sooner or later, it will
The first34chapter blood
The first35chapter Mandarin dialogue
The first36chapter those who behave in
The first37chapter watches the wool of the
The first38chapter have to rely on it
The first39chapter calculated.
The first40chapter imperial uncle's
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